AD4ETH - Ethernet measurement module

Varianta: AD4ETH_I - for current 0(4)-20mA

Product code: AD4ETH_I_1
Price ex VAT: 198 €
VAT: 21 %
Price inc VAT: 239.58 €
shortdescription: Version with four inputs for unified signal 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA respectively.
Not available: No


AD4ETH - Ethernet measurement module

Introduction to measurement converters AD4 series.Analog measurement module AD4ETH is a four input A/D converter allowing you to measure up to four analogue signals 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA. Measured-out values can be viewed via a WEB interface, AD4ETH also supports TCP, SNMP, Modbus and many other protocols.

Default input range is 0-10V or 0(4)-20mA, but it ican be modidied to suit your application upon request. Please contact us to get a custom measuring range.

A/D converter to send measurements directly to the Web, e-mail, XML, MODBUS TCP, etc.

Features of Ethernet A/D converter

Usage of IP A/D converter