Calibration of temperature sensor in accredited lab

Varianta: Calibration of tempereture sensors in three points

Product code: KAL_T3
Price ex VAT: 42 €
VAT: 21 %
Price inc VAT: 50.82 €
shortdescription: Calibration certificate for Papouch thermometers in an accredited laboratory
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Calibration of temperature sensor for Papouch devices in accredited laboratory. Calibration is provided in three points of temperature range.

Once ordered, certificate for one sensor with one serial number will be issued. The service is calibration certification only, NO firmware modifications. Inaccuracy of readouts shall be corrected on costumer’s side.

Calibration should be renewed once a year for combined temperature and humidity sensors and once every two years for temperature sensors or according to your legislative requirements.

This service suits following devices:

Calibration will be provided in three points of temperature range. For higher accuracy, it is recommended to specify the measured range according to use of sensor (e.g. room temperature ranges from 10°C to 35°C, outside temperature would be -20°C to 45°C etc.). If this range is NOT specified by customer upon ordering the service, calibration points will be 10°C, 20°C and 75°C.

Standard delivery term for calibrated sensors is 20 days. It is possible to order an express service for an additional fee.