GNOME422 - Ethernet to RS422 converter

Varianta: GNOME422 power supply range 5 to 30 V DC

Product code: GNOME422
Price ex VAT: 112 €
VAT: 21 %
Price inc VAT: 135.52 €
shortdescription: Without galvanic isolated power. (If you do not have their own source of 5 to 30 V, it is recommended to order a power adapter for 230V/12V. See link below in Related Products section.)
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GNOME422 - Ethernet to RS422 converter

GNOME422 is a simple Ethernet to RS422 converter. It enables a device with RS422 to easily connect to the Ethernet, to extend the RS422 line via the Ethernet or to establish a network of RS422 via the Ethernet. Power supply 5 to 30V. Virtual serial port. Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP (e-mail).

GNOME422 is an inexpensive Ethernet to RS422 converter. It can be used to easily connect a device with the RS422 interface to the Ethernet or to extend the RS422 line via the Ethernet. Its design is based on the GNOME232 converter (Ethernet to RS232 converter), which is popular for its features and low price

The device is supplied including a “virtual serial port”, i.e. software which creates a new serial port in the Windows operating system directed to the GNOME422 module via the Ethernet interface. Thus it is possible to use also programs which only communicate via a serial port.

The module can be configured via internal web interface (in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer), configuration program or TCP terminal. The GNOME422 module understands even the DHCP protocol so an IP address can be assigned automatically to it. Power supply and functionality is indicated by light indicators.

Although Gnome converters are small and low cost, they can perform data processing tasks. In case you are interested in that, please feel free to contact us, we will gladly prepare a custom solution.

Features of the Ethernet to RS422 converter

Typical applications of the Ethernet to RS422 converter