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Products > Converters > RS485 > SB485L - Basic USB to RS485 Converter >
Products > Converters > USB > SB485L - Basic USB to RS485 Converter >

SB485L - Basic USB to RS485 Converter

Product code: SB485L
Warranty: 3 years
VAT: 21%
Price inc VAT: 62.92 €
Price ex VAT: 52 €


The basic version of USB to RS485 converter. Galvanic isolation, small size, fixed communication parameters.

SB485L is a simple USB to RS485 converter that can handle all basic communication situations. It is preset to cope with the most common range of applications. It contains no configuration elements - just connect it and that's it. The installation on Windows Vista and 7, both 32 and 64bit, is fully automated.

Properties of USB to RS485 converter

  • USB interface (1.1, 2.0, 3.0 compatible)
  • Galvanic isolation of RS485 from USB
  • The maximum transmission rate is 230 kb/s
  • Virtual serial port for Windows - creates a standard COM port in your system
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 32bit as well as 64bit, Linux, MAC OS, Android
  • Mini-USB cable included in the delivery
  • Powered from USB
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +85 °C.
  • A separate LED for each direction of data flow

Tip: If you need a converter that can handle everything you can come across when communicating via RS485 and RS422, check out SB485S - a fully configurable converter for RS485, RS422 and RS422 Multimaster.





USB to RS485, RS422 and RS232 industrial converters with galvanic isolation.

File size: 1.3 MB

Date: 08-19-2014


USB drivers for most Papouch devices. (Drivers v. 2.12.18 WHQL Certified for Windows 7 to Windows 10 32/64bit, and previous driver for Windows XP)

File size: 4.2 MB

Date: 07-20-2016


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