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TME PoE - PoE powered Ethernet thermometer

Product code: TME_POE_1
Warranty: 5 years
Not available
TME PoE - PoE powered ethernet thermometer


TME PoE is a PoE powered ethernet Thermometer. It complies with IEEE 802.3af standard. Thanks to that there are no additional power units needed. TME PoE comes out of TME, other than power circuits and internal hardware layout the thermometers have the very same specifications and features.

This product is electronics only, sensor not included.
Sensor is available as another product here.


TME PoE has the same features and most of the specifications as the TME - Ethernet Themometer. The only differences are hardware make (different dimensions and detachable sensor) and the power options. TME_PoE is powered directly from the computer network with PoE according to IEEE802.3af Standard.

What is PoE?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a way of powering devices over the Ethernet cable itself. There is no need to use external PSUs or other Power Units.

PoE brings you order in your cable infrastructure. You do not have to build a power network next to the data network. Those two become one and tzhe devices can bepowered from PoE.

To make the devices work with PoE, you have to connect it to a PoE enabled switch, hub, router or other... The standard is IEEE802.3af.




tme.pdfTME Datasheet

Datasheet and Manual for TME and TME PoE v.1.88

File size: 1.7 MB

Date: 01-16-2013


tme-russian-version.pdfСетевой Термометр TME Документация

Сетевой Термометр с прямым присоединением к компьютерной сети. Измеряет температуры от -55 до +125 °C. Потребитель может наблюдать за актуальной температурой непосредственно со своего веб-браузера или мобильного телефона. При превышении установленных величин термометр умеет предупреждать потребителя е-майлом. Сетевой Термометр интегрируйте в Вашу систему благодаря поддержке SNMP, Modbus TCP, XML, HTTP GET и другим стандартным коммуникационным возможностям. (Documentation of TME in the Russian language.)

File size: 1.1 MB

Date: 02-14-2012


php-web.zipPHP application with graphs for temperature and humidity

WEB application for on-line view of graphs and statistics from ethernet thermometer and/or hygrometer TME/TH2E by Michal Ševčík. Source codes are free to download including PHP and MySQL script. It calculates daily or monthly averages, limit values, comparisons, etc...
On-line example:
Homepage on GitHub:
Current version: 8.1

File size: 352 kB

Date: 01-18-2017


papouch-gadget.gadgetGadget for your Windows

Windows allow you to add mini-applications – so called Gadgets – on your desktop. Place the following application among your favourite gadgets and it will display the temperature, humidity and dew-point measured by TME, TME PoE and TH2E. You do not have a TME and want to test the gadget? Install it and you can monitor the temperature measured by our TME thermometer located at our premises in Prague. (For more information go to gadget homepage.)
Gadget current version: 2.7

File size: 66 kB

Date: 10-10-2016


Sample software for work with TME and TME PoE including complete source codes and comments in Delphi.

File size: 323 kB

Date: 02-22-2016


Simple example of how to process the temperature form TME for .NET. Includes source codes and compiled application. Works as a practical example of the communication woth TME sensor in .NET

File size: 22 kB

Date: 02-22-2016


Driver for TME, TM and TMU thermometers. DLL library is available including source codes in C#.NET, simple help and examples in a simple application.

File size: 71 kB

Date: 02-22-2016


SNMP MIB tables for TME and TME poE.

File size: 1.2 kB

Date: 02-22-2016


Universal configuration software for Papouch Ethernet devices. It allows you to set-up your device even from another network range. It can set basic network parameters even for a device in a different subnet than your PC has.
Ethernet Configurator homepage

File size: 534 kB

Date: 08-12-2013


Wix - Free version of measurement software, version
Software for measurement, storing values, controlling and viewing measured-out values from Papouch s.r.o. devices (or others if integrated with for example MODBUS).
(Restrictions in the free version can be removed by purchasing a license.)
Go to Wix main page...

File size: 3.1 MB

Date: 06-12-2019


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