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TMU - USB thermometer

Variant: TMU 3m - With sensor on a 3m cable

Product code: TMU_C_1
Warranty: 3 years
VAT: 21%
Price inc VAT: 45.98 €
Price ex VAT: 38 €
TMU - USB thermometer



TMU is a simple thermometer with a USB interface. The thermometer uses the USB interface for communication and also as a power source. It measures temperatures from –55 °C to +125 °C. The communication utilizes a simple ASCII protocol. Temperature values are transmitted in degrees Celsius; no numerical conversion is necessary.

The USB thermometer can be used in various situations requiring temperature measurements within the range from –55 °C to +125 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution.

Sensor connected to a 3m silicon cable with high temperature resistance. We can supply cable up to 20m upon request.

Features of USB temperature sensor

  • USB thermometer
  • Temperature measurement in range from -55°C to +125°C, 0,1°C resolution
  • Sensor connected to a silicon cable with high temperature resistance.
  • Temperature data in ASCII format
  • No numerical conversion of temperature values is necessary
  • Communication over the USB interface
  • Powered from USB as well
  • DIN rail mount available
  • Optionally, a cable up to 20 meters long
  • Different workmanship as requested

TM service ... a Windows service to view TM or TMU temperatures

TMservice is a resident service for Windows OS, which can be used to view TMU or TM thermometers. It can watch set-up thresholds, store measured-out values and inform users about the sensor. More info...




Datasheet and manual for USB thermometer TMU.

File size: 1 MB

Date: 05-16-2011


Wix - Free version of measurement software, version
Software for measurement, storing values, controlling and viewing measured-out values from Papouch s.r.o. devices (or others if integrated with for example MODBUS).
(Restrictions in the free version can be removed by purchasing a license.)
Go to Wix main page...

File size: 3.1 MB

Date: 06-12-2019


Software for TM (or TMU via Virtual COM port) DLL, simple software including the source code

File size: 1.1 MB

Date: 05-06-2011


Simple example of how to process the temperature form TMU for .NET. Includes source codes and compiled application. Works as a practical example of the communication woth TMU sensor in .NET

File size: 20 kB

Date: 05-06-2011


Driver for TME, TM and TMU thermometers. DLL library is available including source codes in C#.NET, simple help and examples in a simple application.

File size: 71 kB

Date: 05-06-2011


USB drivers for most Papouch devices. (Drivers v. 2.12.18 WHQL Certified for Windows 7 to Windows 10 32/64bit, and previous driver for Windows XP)

File size: 4.2 MB

Date: 07-20-2016


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