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Products > Measurement > Thermometers and Hygrometers > RS485 (TQS) > TQS3 M - RS485 Thermometer with the probe on a cable >

TQS3 M - RS485 Thermometer with the probe on a cable

Product code: TQS3_M
Warranty: 3 years
Not available
TQS3 M - RS485 thermometer with the probe on a cable


TQS3 M Thermometer has been discontinued. As a replacement you can use THT2 which is fully compatible product. As a succesor to the TQS3 M, THT2 has a detachable sensor of various lengths, higher range of power voltage and a possibility to connect temperature / humidity / dew point sensor.

If you need THT2 delivered with the exact same communication protocol as TQS3_M, please leave us a note while ordering and we will supply it at the same price we supplied you the old TQS3_M.

Digital RS485 thermometer with the sensor on 3m silicon cable. Main electronics is separated from the sensor so it is suitable for temperature measurement is constrained areas. Measuring range is  -55 to +125 °C. Thermometer communicates via RS485 line on Spinel or ModBus RTU protocol.

TQS3 M is an inteligent digital thermometer communicating via a standard industrial serial line - RS485 (two wire). It measures temperatures from  -55 to +125 °C with 0,1 °C resolution. Measured-out value is sent directly, so there is no conversion needed. Thermometers is also pre-calibrated.

TQS communicates via RS485 on a Spinel or ModBus RTU protocol. Extensive description and examples are available in protocol documentation.

ModBus RTU version is perfect for existing systems. (ModBus RTU and spinel protocols cannot be switched by user - please define the version when ordering)


  • Thermometer measuring temperatures from -55 to +125 °C.
  • 0,1 °C resolution
  • Accuracy ±0,5 °C from -10 to +85 °C, otherwise ±2 °C
  • Communication line RS485 - up to 32 devices can be connected on a single bus (even more when a repeater is used)
  • Temperature sensor on a 3m cable (maximum 20m cable - custom lengths available on request)
  • Probe in a stainless steel enclosure with IP68 coverage (normalised diameter 6mm)
  • Probe on a silicon cable with temperature resistance form -60°C to +200°C.
  • Spinel or ModBus RTU protocols supported (not at the same time)
  • Low power requirements (typically 2 mA)
  • Wago terminal connection


TQS3 thermometer: Connection to RS232 or USB

Example of TQS3 connected to a PC through USB or COM port.

TQS3 thermometer: Connection to Ethernet

Example of TQS3 connected to a computer network (Ethernet, Internet).

Convberter: Connection to the PC's COM port provides TC485. USB connection is provided by SB485. To connect RS485 to the Ethernet, GNOME485 can be used.

Power: To power all converters and thermometers 12V DC PSU is enough for most cases.

Connection wires: To connect thermometers, power supply and converter, TP cable (Cat5e) is recommended. Use one pair for RS485, and other wires for power supply.

Software: To watch and log the temperatures from TQS3 sensors, Wix software can be used (freeware). Other option is user made software. The protocol is well documented and very simple.

Versions of the TQS3 thermometer

Versions of the TQS3 thermometer (left to right): TQS3 I, TQS3 O, TQS3 P, TQS3 E, TQS3 M.




Datasheet / Manual. Including Spinel protocol documentation

File size: 790 kB

Date: 01-27-2011



ModBus protocol description. This version of TQS3 is modified, not standard.

File size: 340 kB

Date: 01-27-2011


Wix - Free version of measurement software, version
Software for measurement, storing values, controlling and viewing measured-out values from Papouch s.r.o. devices (or others if integrated with for example MODBUS).
(Restrictions in the free version can be removed by purchasing a license.)
Go to Wix main page...

File size: 3.1 MB

Date: 06-12-2019


Simple utility to set-up address and communication speed of your devices with Spinel protocol. Version 2.0 with added features and functions

File size: 339 kB

Date: 06-22-2017


Searching utility. This will search your RS485 line and find all devices with Spinel protocol you have connected. It can also switch TQS3 to TQS1 mode and vice versa.

File size: 506 kB

Date: 03-11-2011


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