About Papouch company

Papouch s.r.o.

Deska elektroniky v jednom z našich zařízení


Papouch s.r.o. - system integrator - is a developer and producer company offering products for industrial electronics, data communications and measuring technology. We create high quality and specific products: interface converters, measuring modules, thermometers and substandard  solutions as well as custom applications.

Key Values

Fidelity, use simplicity, problem solution, future flexibility


Present world changes very fast, but electronics change every day. That is why our policy is partnership with our customers and emphasis on fast solution of given tasks.

Rating and management

We own ISO 9001 certificate, Czech Banking CreditBureau certificate. As an ERP and CRM system we use SAP.


Siemens Building technologies, Czech Railways, Česká Spořitelna, Mitsubishi, TPCA, Škoda Transportation, Baťa, Schneider Electric, telecommunication companies and variety of companies supplying intelligent building systems.


Papouch s.r.o. is situated in capital city of Czech republic, Prague. Location was carefully chosen so it can be easily accessed via city transport as well as by car from D1 highway (main highway in CZ).


Our devices are produced with respect to environment. Ecology considering procedures as waste separation, RoHS compliant production and others are key values of our company.


Papouch company was founded in 1990. From the beginning we were engaged in the industrial electronics, data devices, measuring systems and custom made applications. At present day our sales are over 1.5 million EUR (last year) and we have 31 employees.

Here are some key dates and events in Papouch s.r.o. :

19.5.2008 - We obtained T-Cert ISO 9001:2001 certificate of quality (certificate)

Logo TCert ISO 9001

We obtained T-Cert ISO 9001:2001 certificate of quality

1.3.2008 - SAP system was implemented in Papouch s.r.o.

We use SAP as a CRM end ERP system

20.12.2005 - We have moved in new establishment in Prague 10.

Registered office Papouch s.r.o.

Residence of management, sales, development, testing and manufacturing departments

22.11.2003 - Company status has changed to Ltd. : Papouch s.r.o. 

1996 - Our first exhibition on international electronics fair: AMPER. Ever since that we attend every year.

Our last booth on Amper 2010

22.6.1991 - First custom made application handed to a client - electronic organ pedal

The very first version of the pedal

2.5.1990 - Ing. Pavel Poucha founds Papouch elektronika company

Do you have any question or a suggestion? We would like to hear it!

If you have any question, suggestion or just a note, we are pleased to hear all about it! Just write it in the following form and send it, simple as that. You can also contact us or our distributor by phone or e-mail, all can be found in contacts.