Papouch donates

Papouch donates

We donate and support these interesting projects and charitable organizations:


Klokánek - Institute for children in need of immediate assistance.Klokánek (translated to English it means a young kangaroo, Joey) is a project of Endangered children Fond (Fond ohrožených dětí) which helps children a temporary surrogate family instead of an institutional education until they can return to their own family or until a permanent surrogate family is found for them.

More informatin (in Czech only) can be found here:

CTU CarTech

CTU CarTechCzech Technical University CarTech Formula Student/SAE Team is a university team building a Formula racing car for a weekend driver. The goal is to develop, build and race a single seated small car.  For example in Germany on the Formula Student/SAE series in Hockenheim. To participate as the best amongst beginers and to score a significant position amongst all contestants.

More information can be found here: