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In our e-shop you can also pay by credit cards MasterCard®, Maestro®, VISA® and VISA Electron®.
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How to shop

All about shopping, delivery options and terms

How do I buy Papouch product?

  1. Directly from Papouch s.r.o. if you do not have a distributor in your country. You can order via fax, e-mail or via our e-shop(registration is required). Orders that you send on e-mail will be confirmed by our sales manager. In case you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days, your e-mail has most probably been lost or it fell in a spam filter. Goods are sent via one of our couriers, you can also order your own courier altogether or provide us with your account number so we can arrange the shipping for you. Shipping costs are covered by the customer.
  2. From one of our distributors, if you are in a country we have a distributor in.

Payment terms

Several options are available:

  1. PayPal - You will be re-directed to your PayPal account during the payment. As Paypal is charged 2.4% transfer fee, we will charge you a part of it. PayPal payment is only possible when ordering up to 1000 EUR.
  2. Credit Card - You will be re-directed to a secure payment website (GPWebPay from Global Payments Europe company) on which you will fill in your credit card details. This process is secured by 3D-Secure system.
  3. Bank Wire transfer -  Your order will be send to our sales manager and he will send you a Proforma Invoice. You will then issue a payment with your bank based on that Proforma Invoice.

All these options apply when ordering from Papouch s.r.o. company, when ordering from your distributor, please visit their website for more information.

Delivery - delivery time and terms

Delivery - tracking

Credit Cards

We accept following credit cards: MasterCard®, Maestro®, VISA® a VISA Electron®.

Akceptujeme karty VISA®, VISA Electron®, Maestro® a MasterCard®.

For credit card payments we use GPWebPay (formerly known as PayMUZO) from Global Payments Europe company, used by most e-shops in Czech republic and Slovakia. As a card holder You will be re-directed to a secure payment website and asked to fill in your credit card details.  Then you will confirm the payment order. Logo platebního systému GPWebPay (dříve PayMUZO) společnosti Global Payments Europe. Payment process is secured by 3D-secure security system, which is compliant with the highest security standards and is certified and audited by companies issuing credit cards (PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).


Volume discounts can be arranged upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Papouch s.r.o. offers 36 months warranty on all Papouch s.r.o. manufactured products. Location to claim warranty is Papouch s.r.o. , Strasnicka 3164/1a, Praha 10, Czech Republic. Warranty is not applicable on incorrect/improper use, installation in violation with user/installation manual or on mechanic damage caused by customer.


To be able to shop in our e-shop, registration is required. On the main page of our e-shop click Register. For future shopping, you can log in. Fill in your name and password and click Log in.

Lost or forgotten password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please contact us by e-mail.

Privacy policy

Papouch s.r.o. obliges to use your personal/company data for own purposes only. Papouch s.r.o. will not provide your personal/company data to any third party.


Product can be found by keyword in name, product code or by a word in description. Search field is in the left part of the WEB page above products categories.

Do you still have any question? We are here to answer it!

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