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Custom made applications >

Custom made applications

Custom-made applications

Custom-design electronicsA substantial part of our activities is devoted to development of custom-made applications. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom-made applications since our company was founded in 1990.

  • Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
  • Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
  • Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?

We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. The following items characterise the outline of our activities:

  • Data collection and transmission in industryCustom-made applications
  • Line and protocol conversion
  • Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi, IrDA and Bluetooth
  • Line switches and multiplexers
  • Measurement modules for physical variables
    (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Input/output modules
  • Monitoring systems
  • PCB design
  • Software applications for Windows OS

...send us an e-mail, contact us by means of following form or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs. (There are several examples of applications we have already done.)


Examples - complete solutions, software

  • A monitoring system for building security (cameras, I/O modules, monitoring software)
  • A system for voice transmission via an Ethernet network (hardware and software)
  • Air-ticket booking and selling system
  • A control system for the monitoring of UPS power sources via Ethernet
  • Programs for controlling our products, "tailored" to meet our customers' needs

Examples - complete solutions

You will find more examples of custom made applications in following articles.

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Raspberry Pi

Do you play with Raspberry Pi?

16.04.2014 - Do you like to play with Raspberry and need any aditional hardware? Lot us worry about that - we can supply you with very specific hardware and let you just play around with the software... More

Fidorka - Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign

Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign (Talking Product Shelf)

30.05.2012 - Fidorka is one of the most known chocolate wafer candy in Czech Republic. In addition to massive advertisement through TV spots, internet adds and printed advertisement we have developed a talking shelf units for big shopping centers. More

D/A převodník s rozhraním Ethernet - zakzázkový vývoj

5-channel Ethernet D/A converter

1.04.2011 - D/A (Digital - Analogue) converter with Ethernet interface. Consists of five independant channels. Input channels are isolated from Ethernet and from power. Fully WEB configurable. More

Konvertor Ethernet na LAN - zakázkový vývoj

Custom Ethernet serial server

1.04.2011 - Custom modification of our standard serial server Gnome 232 - hardware modification, firmware modification and web interface mogification specially for the customer. More

Termočlánkový teplotní regulátor - zakázkový vývoj

Multi-temperature regulator

1.04.2011 - Consists of 6 independent units. Each of them measures temperature from thermocouple type K and regulates an external heater according to settings. Unit communicates and is configurable via ModBus RTU. More

PWM generátor - zakázkový vývoj

PWM generator for control unit testing

1.04.2011 - A special custom generator with pulse wide modulation for control units testing. All parameters are manually configurable via analog knobs. More

System for realtime text insertion to PAL videosignal

1.03.2011 - System to insert a text from cash register to a videofeed from security camera. More

Big rugged industrial LED display

1.03.2011 - Six characters LED display with selectable interface (according to make: RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet). 100mm Segments. More

Synchronous analogue measurement system

1.03.2011 - System for synchronous measurement ofunified voltage or current signals on multiple stations. In this particular case 3 stations and 8 signals per stations are measured at once. More

Communication terminal

RFID communication terminal

28.01.2011 - Communication terminal for machine operation staff . Identities the employee by reading his personal RFID card. The employee can then control his hours and work via graphic display 132 x 32 pixels and buttons. More

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