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Custom made electronics

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Custom made electronics and systems

Custom-design electronicsA substantial part of our activities is devoted to development of custom made electronics and applications. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom made electronics since our company was founded in 1990.

  • Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
  • Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
  • Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?

We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. The following items characterise the outline of our activities:

  • Data collection and transmission in industryCustom-made applications
  • Line and protocol conversion
  • Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi, IrDA and Bluetooth
  • Line switches and multiplexers
  • Measurement modules for physical variables
    (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Input/output modules
  • Monitoring systems
  • PCB design
  • Software applications for Windows OS

...send us an e-mail, contact us by means of following form or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs. (There are several examples of applications we have already done.)


Examples - complete solutions, software

  • A monitoring system for building security (cameras, I/O modules, monitoring software)
  • A system for voice transmission via an Ethernet network (hardware and software)
  • Air-ticket booking and selling system
  • A control system for the monitoring of UPS power sources via Ethernet
  • Programs for controlling our products, "tailored" to meet our customers' needs

Examples - complete custom solutions

You will find more examples of custom made applications in following articles.

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Relay Control and Data Input from Barcode Readers using Webserver

29.08.2016 - Custom device with one digital input, six relays and two serial lines for connecting barcode readers. Monitoring and controlling of current statuses is performed by a webserver and HTTP GET requests. More

Watching Goods or Exhibits by Detecting Weight Loss

1.02.2016 - Exposed goods or exhibits can be watched in different ways. An unobtrusive way is to watch the weight of an item and to detect its lifting up from a pad. The measured weight changes and an alarm can be triggered. More

Peripheral Board for G400 ARM Module with .NET Framework

21.10.2015 - Would you like to have a hardware for which you can write your own firmware for example in .NET Micro Framework? One of our customers had exactly such a wish. See what we have made for him. More

Raspberry Pi

Do you play with Raspberry Pi?

16.04.2014 - Do you like to play with Raspberry and need any aditional hardware? Lot us worry about that - we can supply you with very specific hardware and let you just play around with the software... More

Fidorka - Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign

Speaking shelf for adversiting campaign (Talking Product Shelf)

30.05.2012 - Fidorka is one of the most known chocolate wafer candy in Czech Republic. In addition to massive advertisement through TV spots, internet adds and printed advertisement we have developed a talking shelf units for big shopping centers. More

Automatic Focus of Cameras on Detected Motions

6.03.2012 - Imagine having a large, fenced property with plenty of rotating cameras. How to make cameras automatically focusing on a point of the fence when someone is trying to breach it? More

D/A převodník s rozhraním Ethernet - zakzázkový vývoj

5-channel Ethernet D/A converter

1.04.2011 - D/A (Digital - Analogue) converter with Ethernet interface. Consists of five independant channels. Input channels are isolated from Ethernet and from power. Fully WEB configurable. More

Konvertor Ethernet na LAN - zakázkový vývoj

Custom Ethernet serial server

1.04.2011 - Custom modification of our standard serial server Gnome 232 - hardware modification, firmware modification and web interface mogification specially for the customer. More

Termočlánkový teplotní regulátor - zakázkový vývoj

Multi-temperature regulator

1.04.2011 - Consists of 6 independent units. Each of them measures temperature from thermocouple type K and regulates an external heater according to settings. Unit communicates and is configurable via ModBus RTU. More

PWM generátor - zakázkový vývoj

PWM generator for control unit testing

1.04.2011 - A special custom generator with pulse wide modulation for control units testing. All parameters are manually configurable via analog knobs. More

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