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Custom made electronics

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Custom made electronics and systems

Custom-design electronicsA substantial part of our activities is devoted to development of custom made electronics and applications. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom made electronics since our company was founded in 1990.

  • Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
  • Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
  • Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?

We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. The following items characterise the outline of our activities:

  • Data collection and transmission in industryCustom-made applications
  • Line and protocol conversion
  • Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi, IrDA and Bluetooth
  • Line switches and multiplexers
  • Measurement modules for physical variables
    (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Input/output modules
  • Monitoring systems
  • PCB design
  • Software applications for Windows OS

...send us an e-mail, contact us by means of following form or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs. (There are several examples of applications we have already done.)


Examples - complete solutions, software

  • A monitoring system for building security (cameras, I/O modules, monitoring software)
  • A system for voice transmission via an Ethernet network (hardware and software)
  • Air-ticket booking and selling system
  • A control system for the monitoring of UPS power sources via Ethernet
  • Programs for controlling our products, "tailored" to meet our customers' needs

Examples - complete custom solutions

You will find more examples of custom made applications in following articles.

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System for realtime text insertion to PAL videosignal

1.03.2011 - System to insert a text from cash register to a videofeed from security camera. More

Big rugged industrial LED display

1.03.2011 - Six characters LED display with selectable interface (according to make: RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet). 100mm Segments. More

Synchronous analogue measurement system

1.03.2011 - System for synchronous measurement ofunified voltage or current signals on multiple stations. In this particular case 3 stations and 8 signals per stations are measured at once. More

Communication terminal

RFID communication terminal

28.01.2011 - Communication terminal for machine operation staff . Identities the employee by reading his personal RFID card. The employee can then control his hours and work via graphic display 132 x 32 pixels and buttons. More

Cable harness tester (illustration photo)

Cable Harness Tester for Rolling Stocks

20.01.2011 - Comprehensive device designed for testing of correct wiring and other cable harness parameters in railed vehicles. More

Control inverters of photovoltaic power station

Converters for remote control of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters

30.09.2010 - Series of OEM products for remote control and configuration of Xantrex, Fronius and SunEzy inverters, that are being used to connect photovoltaic power stations to electric power distribution network. More

Jedna z jednotek systému elektronických šatních skříněk

Locker controler and monitor

19.07.2010 - We have developed a device that controls and monitors up to 600 lockers and allows users to lock end unlock them by contact chips. This device is connected to a larger building control system. More

PS2TAP - zařízení pro monitoring PS/2 klávesnice nebo čtečky

Module to monitor PS2 keyboard or reader

16.07.2010 - PS2TAP can monitor data sent by a PS2 keyboard or contactless reader. More

Speciální řídicí jednotka s Ethernetem, logováním na SD kartu, apod.

Special controller unit

10.05.2010 - Special controller unit based on Quido I/O module. Added loggging and 230V power and other functions. More

Vimon - sledování bezchybné funkce kamerového systému

Watchdog for camera system

14.03.2010 - ViMon is a device to watch over camera system. It can detect any errors and reboot system if the camera connected to a PC card stops sending video. More

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