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Custom made electronics

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Custom made electronics and systems

Custom-design electronicsA substantial part of our activities is devoted to development of custom made electronics and applications. We have been active in the area of the development and production of custom made electronics since our company was founded in 1990.

  • Do you manufacture or sell a device from which data is transmitted?
  • Do you need up-to-date and reliable electronic parts to increase the value of your device?
  • Do you want to incorporate your device into a data-collection system, and store the measured values in a database?

We are ready to develop a completely new device or adapt our existing device to meet your needs. The following items characterise the outline of our activities:

  • Data collection and transmission in industryCustom-made applications
  • Line and protocol conversion
  • Communication via RS232, RS485/422, USB, Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi, IrDA and Bluetooth
  • Line switches and multiplexers
  • Measurement modules for physical variables
    (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Input/output modules
  • Monitoring systems
  • PCB design
  • Software applications for Windows OS

...send us an e-mail, contact us by means of following form or call us. We will try to offer you a solution exactly for your needs. (There are several examples of applications we have already done.)


Examples - complete solutions, software

  • A monitoring system for building security (cameras, I/O modules, monitoring software)
  • A system for voice transmission via an Ethernet network (hardware and software)
  • Air-ticket booking and selling system
  • A control system for the monitoring of UPS power sources via Ethernet
  • Programs for controlling our products, "tailored" to meet our customers' needs

Examples - complete custom solutions

You will find more examples of custom made applications in following articles.

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On-line monitorování ruletového serveru přes GPRS - zakázkový vývoj

Roulette server online monitoring

14.03.2010 - On-line monitoring of a roulette server and statuses. Current games information and others over GPRS connection. More

AudioOpt - Device transmits audio signals in both ways over a fiber.

Converter for transmitting audio over fiber

13.03.2010 - Device transmits audio signals in both ways over a fiber. Control two-state signals are transmitted as well. More

Univerzální tester vlakového kontroleru - zakázkový vývoj

Device for testing train controller

12.03.2010 - A very special device to test train controller More

PC watchdog

10.03.2010 - Operating system service to monitor the events occurring in the system. If an error or non-allowed operation occurs, the service sends a report and the module resets the system. More

Power control module

10.03.2010 - Power control unit for peripheries controlled by PLC. More

Special Ethernet I/O modules

10.03.2010 - Two independent Ethernet devices with large amount of inputs and outputs. Outputs as relays, digital inputs, voltage and current measuring inputs. More

Battery monitor with WEB interface and SNMP

10.03.2010 - Special measuring device to watch over cells of back-up batteries with WEB interface and SNMP system integration. More

Solution Impedance measuring converter

10.03.2010 - Laboratory measurement device for measuring solutions impedance. More

Datalogger storing data to USB FlashDisc

10.03.2010 - Datalogger that logs measurement and serial communication ot USB FlashDisc. More

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