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How to?

HTTP GET in I/O Quido modules – how to do it?

22.10.2013 - I/O Quido modules are designed for the remote control and supervision of technologies. They are equipped with inputs for contacts and voltage and with high-performance relay on the outputs. It is possible to easily control Quido via HTTP GET. And Quido is able to use HTTP GET to send the state of the inputs and outputs to a remote server. In this article you will learn how simple it is to use HTTP GET. More

What information can you get from XML in Quido?

22.10.2013 - Quido I/O modules have proven their usefulness in many control and surveillance applications. The high number of inputs and output relays make these modules quite versatile for various applications. XML is a popular format for data exchange between different systems. This guide provides clear and comprehensive information on how to read data from Quido in XML format. More

Keyboard control panel (illustration)

Connecting Paradox intrusion control unit to the Ethernet

29.11.2011 - Paradox intrusion control units are one of the most used units. It can now be easily connected to Ethernet using Gnome TTL converter. This small "howto" tells you how... More

AD4 measuring converters logo

How to easily measure analogue signals over RS232/485, USB or Ethernet?

21.01.2011 - The AD4 measuring converters are able to convert analogue signals ranging from 0 or 4 to 20mA or voltage between 0 and 10 V into digital form. They have been developed mainly to process output signals from various sensors. The measured values are then transferred to a superior system in digital form. More

Drawing of the principle of measured temperature inserting on the WEB pages in case of TM and TMU. As for TME the temperature is sent directly to the server without any need for help from the measuring station.

How to put thermometer to your WEB page?

21.01.2011 - Do you want your website to show a thermometer like ours? Are you looking for a way to show the temperature in your premises or sport facility directly on your web? This article is the right one for you. Here, you will learn how to measure the temperature and how to get the values onto your web. More