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EDGAR: PoE Ethernet serial device server with power output

Now available: New unique Ethernet serial device server.
What makes it unique?

Edgar also comes as a standard with selectable serial line interface either RS232 or RS485, WEB configuration, TCP server, TCP or UDP client and protocols and more. Click here to find out...


Papago - Environment monitor

Our new Papago TH 2DI DO ETH measures temperature, humidity and dew point. It also has two contact or pulse inputs and an output relay. It is a universal input/output module for automation and it is commonly known as an Environment monitor. Inputs can also handle pulses from electricity, water, gas and other measuring gauges. More about our Environment monitor here...


New anemometer in our product line

We supply all kinds of converters and measuring devices and from now on we also have a new Anemometer. With Ethernet interface - WindETH. The device was created by broadening the functionality of former TX20ETH device. Wind direction now can be shown in degrees from north and it uses a new sensor. More about our anemometer here...


New PAPAGOS arrive!

We are pleased to see the positive feedback from PAPAGO devices. Now we proudly introduce a whole new WiFi interface and new types! Here are all of them:

For more information about Papago click here...


PAPAGO has arrived! The third Papago is a version for two temperature/humidity sensors

If you want to measure two temperatures, humidity or dew points, make sure to check the new Papago that has nestled in our eshop. Its name is Papago 2TH ETH and it is ready to connect two independent sensors. You can choose a combined sensor for temperature, humidity and dew point or a separate temperature sensor, depending on your needs. Unlike the previous Papago versions, this one measures normal temperature ranges from -55 to +125°C. This Papago also features Ethernet with PoE and the possibility of an external power source. For more information about 2TH ETH click here...


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