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Software > TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement >

TMservice - operating system service for temperature measurement

Logo TMservice TMservice is a resident service of the Windows operating system. It monitors temperature measured by connected thermometers. It sends an e-mail or a network courier service message etc. whenever the predefined limits are exceeded.

TMservice is a resident service monitoring the temperature measured by a TM or TMU sensor connected to a local COM or USB port. It is possible to send an e-mail to a predefined address and/or a message by the Windows network courier service when the predefined limits of the temperature value are exceeded. It is also possible to store the measured values into a file on the local drive.

There is a utility for easy installation and administration of the service. This utility is free of charge as well as the service itself.  (All settings are stored in a XML format file.)


  • Windows system resident service (only for the systems based on the Windows NT technology; e.g. Win2000, WinXP)
  • Automatic sending of messages via e-mail or system courier service
  • Saving measured values into a file in the text or XML format


  • Monitoring of limit values
  • Remote temperature monitoring

Example of configuration XML file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250"?>
 <SMTP address="" from=""/>
 <TM comport="1" caption="TM on COM1">
  <save directory="C:\TM\Data\" interval="1"/>
  <save directory="C:\TM\Data\" interval="1" type="TXT" filename="temperature" extension="txt" rewrite="1">
   <!-- A new line will be added to the text file in the preconfigured interval in format [Date] [time] [value], or according to user defined line (example below).
   Function between percentage characters is a way for custom formating:
   %DATETIME(YYYY.MM.DD HH:NN:SS)% - formats current time
   %VALUE% - substitutes current measured-out value
   %#9% - if a command starts with # it will be added as a character corresponding with the code number from ASCII table -->
   <email address=""/>
   <netmessage address="localhost" from="myself" repeatinterval="2"/>
   <min value="30"><![CDATA[Temperature has dropped below the minimal limit %value% (%conditionvalue%)!]]></min>
   <max value="40"><![CDATA[Temperature has risen above the maximum limit %value% (%conditionvalue%)!]]></max>
   <normal><![CDATA[Temperature is stabilised for now!]]></normal>
   <error><![CDATA[TM sensor error, check the connection!]]></error>



A service of the Windows operating system for temperature measurement - configuration software and the service itself.

File size: 721 kB

Date: 04-13-2012


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