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EDGAR WiFi: WiFi serial device server with power output >

EDGAR WiFi: WiFi serial device server with power output

07-27-2018 -

WiFi serial server

Edgar WiFi is in stock! It is nearly identical to the Ethernet version but it ha WiFi instead of Ethernet. What else is interesting about WiFi Edgar?

  • It features controllable voltage output VOUT what can be used to power an external device. This output can be remotely switched on or off. Several voltages are user selectable.
  • It works with HTTP GET, data can be sent from a remote WEB server directly to the serial line.
  • It has wide power voltage range: 11 – 58V DC

Edgar WiFi also comes with expected features like user selectable serial line RS232 or RS485, Virtual COM port, TCP server and client communication modes, UDP client and more... Click here to find out...