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News archive

EDGAR WiFi: WiFi serial device server with power output

07-27-2018 - 
WiFi serial server

Edgar WiFi is in stock! It is nearly identical to the Ethernet version but it ha WiFi instead of Ethernet. What else is interesting about WiFi Edgar?

  • It features controllable voltage output VOUT what can be used to power an external device. This output can be remotely switched on or off. Several voltages are user selectable.
  • It works with HTTP GET, data can be sent from a remote WEB server directly to the serial line.
  • It has wide power voltage range: 11 – 58V DC

Edgar WiFi also comes with expected features like user selectable serial line RS232 or RS485, Virtual COM port, TCP server and client communication modes, UDP client and more... Click here to find out...

EDGAR: PoE Ethernet serial device server with power output

04-28-2017 - 
Ethernet serial server with PoE

Now available: New unique Ethernet serial device server.
What makes it unique?

  • Dual power: it can be powered from PoE 802.3af or an external power supply.
  • Power output: Edgar can power an external device using its VOUT terminal.
    The Voltage Output can be 5, 9, 12 or 24 V (user selectable).
  • HTTP GET communication allowing an easy access to the serial port from a WEB server.

Edgar also comes as a standard with selectable serial line interface either RS232 or RS485, WEB configuration, TCP server, TCP or UDP client and protocols and more. Click here to find out...

Papago - Environment monitor

06-07-2016 - 

Our new Papago TH 2DI DO ETH measures temperature, humidity and dew point. It also has two contact or pulse inputs and an output relay. It is a universal input/output module for automation and it is commonly known as an Environment monitor. Inputs can also handle pulses from electricity, water, gas and other measuring gauges. More about our Environment monitor here...

New anemometer in our product line

04-29-2016 - 

We supply all kinds of converters and measuring devices and from now on we also have a new Anemometer. With Ethernet interface - WindETH. The device was created by broadening the functionality of former TX20ETH device. Wind direction now can be shown in degrees from north and it uses a new sensor. More about our anemometer here...

New PAPAGOS arrive!

01-08-2016 - 

We are pleased to see the positive feedback from PAPAGO devices. Now we proudly introduce a whole new WiFi interface and new types! Here are all of them:

  • 2TH – Measures temperature and humidity in two places (semiconductor sensors).
  • 2PT – Measures temperature in two places using Pt100 sensors.
  • 2TC – Measures temperature in two places but uses Thermocouple K-type sensor.

For more information about Papago click here...

PAPAGO has arrived! The third Papago is a version for two temperature/humidity sensors

05-01-2015 - 

If you want to measure two temperatures, humidity or dew points, make sure to check the new Papago that has nestled in our eshop. Its name is Papago 2TH ETH and it is ready to connect two independent sensors. You can choose a combined sensor for temperature, humidity and dew point or a separate temperature sensor, depending on your needs. Unlike the previous Papago versions, this one measures normal temperature ranges from -55 to +125°C. This Papago also features Ethernet with PoE and the possibility of an external power source. For more information about 2TH ETH click here...

PAPAGO has arrived! The second one is a version for type K thermocouples

04-03-2015 - 

Another Papago which landed on our site is Papago 2TC ETH. The TC letters indicate that it is a thermometer for thermocouples. Papago in this version has two inputs for thermocouples and can measure temperatures from -50 to +1350°C. Like other Papago devices, it features Ethernet interface with PoE IEEE 802.3af and also the possibility of an external power source. For more information about Papago 2TC ETH click here...

PAPAGO has arrived! The first is the version for Pt100/Pt1000 thermometers

03-04-2015 - 

PAPAGO ("parrot" in Esperanto) is a new range of products of Papouch Company. PAPAGO modules are designed to measure various parameters and to provide monitoring and control via the Ethernet (LAN).

The first product in this range is Papago 2PT ETH. It is a thermometer for Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors with two inputs and Ethernet interface with PoE and the possibility of an external power source. It has high electrical precision of 0.01°C and a temperature range from -200 to +850°C. For more information about Papago 2PT ETH click here...

New simple USB to RS485 converter

08-19-2014 - 

Do you communicate via RS485? And do you just need a converter without detailed setting options with a maximum communication speed of only 230 kBd? Check out SB485L. It is a new, simple converter to be used only for RS485. It retains the advantages of the "big" SB485, such as high-quality design, reliability, availability of drivers for most operating systems including Windows 64bit and galvanic isolation. Check out the new SB485L...

TME multi: Up to 32 sensors through one interface!

04-29-2014 - 
Multichannell ethernet sensor

We introduce to you: Multichannel thermometer or thermometer and hygrometer with dew point calculation. Its name is TME multi, it connects directly to LAN (Ethernet network) and it can read data from up to 32 sensors. It has a slick WEB interface for display and configuration. It can be easily integrated to your autonomous system via these protocols: Modbus TCP, SNMP, HTTP GET and XML.
More information about new TME Multi...

WANTED: Distributors!

03-04-2014 - 
WANTED: Distributors!

Become the distributor of Papouch products in your Country!
We are looking for ways to expand our EMEA market, local distributor is usually the best means for our customers. Therefore we seek companies with expertise in the field of communication devices to take up our offer. We are currently seeking distributors for these countries:

Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

For more information contact us on

No more charges for EURO payments!

09-06-2013 - 
No more charges for EURO payments

No more charges for EURO payments! For all customers within the EU and paying via EUR payment (bank wire transfer), there are no charges from now on. Choose bank transfer / proforma payment.

TQS3: RS485 thermometer with Modbus RTU

06-07-2013 - 
Outdoor RS485 thermometer

Our thermometers from a family of TQS3 can use Modbus .... Can use Modbus? Yes, for a long time, but the novelty is the possibility to the user to switch the communication protocol between Modbus RTU and spinel. When you buy any of our TQS3 thermometers you have the choice which communication protocol to communicate.
Visit the category with thermometers TQS3 ...

Our new distributor in India

05-03-2012 - 
Taj Mahal and Indian Women

We are proud to present a new distributor in Asia. Specifically in India. The place was taken by AVR Electronics Pvt. Ltd., based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Mr. Vijay S. Hubli will galdly help you with our products, their installation and sales support. We look forward for future cooperation in India!
More information about our distributors...

Wind speed and direction measurement

03-27-2012 - 
Anemometer sensor and electronics

Do you have external blinds, solar power plant or a ski slope? Do you need to know the direction and speed of wind? You can easily use our Ethernet anemometer TX20ETH. It can measure wind speed, direction and show it on it's internal WEB server, send it via e-mail, ModBus protocol, HTTP GET, etc...
More info about TX20ETH...

How to: Connecting Paradox security system to the Ethernet

11-29-2011 - 
Keyboard control panel (illustration)

Paradox security system control units are one of the most used units. It can now be easily connected to Ethernet using Gnome TTL converter.
Here is a small how to...

Documentation of TME is also available in Russian language (Сетевой термометр)

11-11-2011 - 
Ethernet thermometer and firework in Moscow city

Документация Сетевой термометра TME: Сетевой термометр с прямым присоединением к компьютерной сети. Измеряет температуры от -55 до +125 °C. Потребитель может наблюдать за актуальной температурой непосредственно со своего веб-браузера или мобильного телефона. При превышении установленных величин термометр умеет предупреждать потребителя е-майлом. Документация ТМЕ имеется в распоряжении для скачивания в секции Download здесь...

USB to serial line converters

10-05-2011 - 
SB485 - USB to RS485/422 converter

Take a look at our new USB to RS232 and RS485 converters. We have supplied thousands of units to our customers. SBxxx converters have proven reliable and our customers have never had it easier. Buy one too!

Rugged Industrial USB converters SBxxx are available in two versions:

New connector for isolated power on Ethernet to RS232 converter

10-01-2011 - 
Ethernet and isolated power connection

RS232 Ethernet serial servers (GNOME232) with power isolation has a new connector. Power is now connected via a slip on terminal.
More info about GNOME232 isolated version...

RS232 converter for RFID reader with JA-80H keyboard

06-21-2011 - 
Wie232 can be connected to RFID reader with keypad JA-80H

Wiegand protocol converter to a serial port RS232 can also communicate with anti-vandal RFID reader and JA-80H keyboard by Jablotron. Are you upgrading your old system? Are you looking for a way to connect Wiegand via RS232? then Wie232 it the ultimate device for you!
More info about Wie232...

SW485 - device for connecting the RS485 to a star topology

06-08-2011 - 
SW485 - Splitter / extender od RS485

A device for the interconnection of several RS485 lines at once. SW485 enables up to nine RS485 terminal blocks to be connected in a star topology (which is not usually allowed for RS485). When data are received by any line, they are sent to all the other lines. More info about SW485...

News in Ethernet sensors TME and TME PoE

05-04-2011 - 
TME - settings (photo illustration)

Based on your ideas and requirements, we have implemented some new features to TME and TME PoE Ethernet sensors. Most significant are:

  • Configurable delay between temperature overrun and e-mail alert.
  • User temperature calibration by line equation (y = ax + b).
  • E-mail subject edited for the best result when re-sending e-mail to a mobile phone.
  • WEB interface made compatible with latest platforms like iPhone and Android.

Our new distributor in France

03-09-2011 - 
New distributor in France

Now you can buy our products even in France! Our new distributor resides in Upper Normandy, in Déville-Les-Rouen town on Siena river. Your contact person is Mr. Benoit Prince. Please feel free to contact him!

Vous pouvez maintenant vous procurer nos produits en France! Notre nouveau distributeur réside en Haute-Normandie, à Déville-Lès-Rouen (sur la Seine). Votre contact technique et commercial est M.Benoit Prince. N'hésitez pas à le contacter.
More information about our distributors...

Wiegand converters

02-15-2011 - 
Wie485 - Wiegand to RS485 interface

New converters for contactless readers available now! First version - WIE232 - can convert Wiegand to standard RS232 port (COM port). Second version - WIE485 - converts Wiegand to industrial serial line RS485 (output protocol is MODBUS RTU).
Go to Wiegand category...

Our new distributors in Greece

02-10-2011 - 
Greece - Athina - Acropolis

Are you located in Greece? Beginning today you can buy our products easier than ever before! Wiztech company located in Athens and Plantron company located in Ioannina has become our new local distributors providing excellent service and support for Greek customers.
Orders made on our e-shop will be handed over to them and delivered swiftly and efficiently making the purchase pleasant experience for you. Personal pick up in Athens is also available from now on.
More information about our distributors...

PHP application for Ethernet thermometer TME - New version

01-17-2011 - 
PHP application: Daily stats

There are new tables in popular PHP application for Ethernet thermometer TME - daily, monthly and yearly statistics including tables (average, maximum and minimum value). Do you want to know which month was chillier in this year? No problem, look at pictures or the online example. New version is available and free for download now! More...

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